PSHCE Learning Journey

Vision (Intent)

“Building strong foundations that enable our students to thrive in an ever-changing world” 


Students at our school will be taught a PSCHE curriculum, which will develop an understanding of the ever-changing world for students. This will be progressive and carefully constructed to support students understanding of all areas of PSCHE. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics ranging including RSE, metal health. The PSCHE curriculum, we will expose children to new ideas, experiences and knowledge, expanding their horizons. We endeavour to harness the power of active citizen, having students make the local community a better place. We aim to provide the students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of other cultures and creeds. For all students to have an understanding of their own and other health and wellbeing in order to lead a positive life, being the best they can be. Students will experience the art of debate and enables students to better structure an argument. 


End Points (Impact)

  • Ability to identify healthy life choices and understand where to seek support
  • Understand politics and how it can affect others lives and wellbeing 
  • To have developed a sense of personal and social responsibility. 
  • To feel confident in taking risks in building knowledge and relationships. 
  • To understand the risk and responsibilities of relationships and sexual intimacy
  • To approach transitions with a sense of security and adaptability. 
  • Understand their own mental health and be able to recognise and manage their emotions appropriately 
  • Pupils will be able to stay safe and understand the risks in an ever-changing world 
  • Be able to express themselves effectively and demonstrate acceptance and tolerance of people from all cultures
  • Pupils to understand how and why it is important to be law abiding citizens 
  • Have solid foundations of positive mental health, combined with high self-esteem, which will enable them to face the challenges of life with resilience and a positive mind-set 


Domains of Knowledge (Implementation)


Health and wellbeing  

Relationships and Sex Education


Internet safety


Self- awareness and Self-management

Politics and the Wider world  

Responsible decision making

Social Awareness

Life in modern Britain  



Rights and responsibilities 


Road Maps