For all students to develop an understanding of the ever changing world in which we live, develop the skills necessary to take an active role in their community and manage their life effectively.


Our aim is to develop an understanding of the changing world for students.

We endeavour to harness the power of active citizen. At Holgate Meadows and Heritage Park we understand the transformational affect knowledge of other cultures can have on the students. We aim to provide the students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of other cultures and creeds.   Students will have the opportunity to explore their local and global community. For all students to have an understanding of their own and other health and well being in order to lead a positive life, being the best they can be. Consequently, using these life skills nurture and support the wider community and build successful relationships.  Students will experience the art of debate and enables students to better structure an argument. The Curriculum creates an opportunity   to understand the court system and the right each of the students has in the world.

End points

  • Happy and safe people
  • Healthy people
  • Law abiding citizens
  • Compassion and tolerance for people and all cultures
  • Understand politics and how it can affect others life’s and well being
  • Embedded British values in their day to day lives
  • Equipped to nurture family

Domains of Knowledge

  • Health and well being
  • SRE
  • Relationships
  • Wider world
  • Politics and relationships
  • Active citizenship
  • Life in modern Britain
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Internet safety and prevent
  • role of criminal courts

Key Concepts

Key Propositional Knowledge Key Procedural Knowledge

I know what a healthy diet consist of.

I know how food can be affect me and that different foods can help my body.

I know what do to keep healthy .

I know how to live a healthy lifestyle.

I know how to cook a healthy meal.

I know how to us gym equipment.

I know how to join a gym.



Life in Modern Britain.

I know what are the principles and values that underpin British society.

I know what we mean by identity.

I know what is the role of the media and the free press.

I know what is the UK's role in key international organisations.

I know the history of Britain.

I know how life in modern Britain can be hard.

Life in Modern Britain.

I know how to identify key principles and values underpinning British society today.

I know how the human, moral, legal and political rights and the duties, equalities and freedoms of citizens.

I know how the key factors that create individual, group, national and global identities.

I know how to Identify and multiple identities; the diverse nature of the UK population.

I know how the rights, responsibilities and role of the media and a free press in informing and influencing public opinion, providing a forum for the communication and exchange of ideas and opinions, and in holding those in power to account.

Politics and Participation 

I know how to participate in politics.

I know where the political power reside in the UK and how is it controlled.

I know how others govern themselves.

I know what active citizenship is.

I know the role of the UK within the United Nations (UN), NATO, the European Union (EU), the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

I know the institutions of the British constitution: the power of government, the Prime Minister and cabinet; the sovereignty of Parliament; the roles of the legislature, the opposition, political parties, the Monarch, citizens, the judiciary, the police and the Civil Service.

I know how key differences in how citizens can or cannot participate in politics in one democratic and one nondemocratic political system that is outside the UK.

I know how to respect and tolerate others.

I know how to respect others rights and I I know to do with my responsibilities.

I know how to be an active citizen.

Rights and Responsibilities

I know what laws does a society require and why.

I know that I have rights and so do everyone on the planet.

I know I have responsible.

I know what are a citizen's rights and responsibilities within the legal system.

I know how the fundamental principles of law to ensure rights and freedoms, the presumption of innocence and equality before the law.

I know how operation of the justice system works.

I know  the role and powers of the judiciary.

I know  the roles of legal representatives .

I know how the different criminal and civil courts work.

 Progression Maps

Rivelin PSHE Progression Map

Loxley and Sheaf PSHE Progression Map

KS5 PSHE Progression Map

Citizenship Progression Map