Life Skills

Building the skills for life


At Heritage Park and Holgate Meadows Schools, our students thrive in a success-oriented learning environment.

Young people deserve to continuously develop knowledge and skills to assist them in building essential attributes within their character. Life skills achieves this purpose with the opportunity to access new experiences to be able to use these skills in everyday life. All our students will be able to access quality teaching in order to develop the learning of these valuable skills. Whether it being able to independently use public transport, understanding the value of money, learning the value of friendships/positive relationships and respecting other cultures. Our students will have the opportunity to develop self-confidence, self-worth, self-awareness and resilience. Therefore, becoming respectable members of society.

End points

  • Students will independently be able to transfer life skills learned into the world of work.
  • All students are able to access the benefits of enrichment activities outside the classroom to prepare them for a fulfilled adult life.
  • Students will leave with meaningful independent living skills to support a fulfilling and productive adult life.
  • Students will leave having built their confidence, motivation and resilience that will benefit them for adult life.

Domains of Knowledge

  • Self-Management
  • Managing Money
  • Good Citizen
  • Self Sufficiency

Key Concepts

Propositional Knowledge Procedural Knowledge

· Students will know that public environments frequently change and problems frequently occur, to which our pupils will be able to independently manage.

· Students will know how to manage themselves in different social occasions.

· Students will know what it means to be personally responsible and accountable

· Students will be able to be organised, reliable and dependable in public environments. Students need to know how to adapt skills into everyday situations.

· Students will be able to develop skills on how to function independently.

· Students will be able to set realistic goals for themselves

· Students will develop study skills including research and revision skills

Managing Money

· Students will know how to access the tools to independently, manage their future finances.

· Students will understand what different forms of credit are and how they work

· Students will have a strong understanding of how to manage debts.

· Students will develop skills to manage their own taxes and income related deduction.

· Students will be able to develop skills of how to budget money and plan for upcoming expenditures.

· Students will know how to handle money effectively including exchanging money, checking change and calculating transactions.

Good Citizen

· Students will know that current affairs are happening and will know how to access the news that affects them.

· Students will understand the need for charity in the UK and abroad and the work that they do.

· Students will understand what ‘fake news’ is and how it affects our perception of current affairs.

· Students will have an understanding of their Heritage and the Heritage of the place they live including historical, cultural and social heritage.

· Students will develop social skills so they know social etiquette in public spaces and on transport.

· Students will know how to use current affairs to inform they decisions they make in everyday life.

· Students will know how to fundraise for charities effectively

· Students will be able to use a variety of map types to plan and follow a route

· Students will know how to travel through the city on various different types of transport independently.


· Students will understand what basic car maintenance is and how it can support the cost effective running of a car

· Students will understand the importance of hygiene and household cleanliness

· Students will understand the importance of cooking on a budget and how it can help them to be independent adults

· Students will be taught how to wash, iron, sew and complete basic repairs on clothing and other fabric items

· Students will understand table etiquette in different situations and use this appropriately

· Students will know how to keep the place they are living in clean and tidy to maintain basic hygiene

· Students will have an understanding of basic first aid in order to keep themselves safe

· Students will develop gardening skills in order that they may learn to grow their own food and use this to cook on a budget

 Progression map

Lifeskills Progression Map