Empowering students to plan and manage their own future


Life after Y11 can be confusing and daunting…. Help is still available.

At Holgate Meadows, we are committed to providing students with personalised and independent advice and guidance, to prepare for life beyond the school gates. We will provide ‘real life’ experiences for students to enable them to make informed choices.

We want to empower students to plan and manage their own future, no matter what stage of career development they are currently at.

We will support students by, responding to their needs and interests, opening doors to experiences and opportunities that help them to progress and to help them with opportunities/pathways for everyone to achieve success!

We will plan a programme of activities to prepare students for their own future pathways, plan for future careers and sustain employability throughout their lives.

We will ensure a careers curriculum where learning takes place through engaging activities that are appropriate to student’s stages of career learning, planning and development.

We will deliver a curriculum that teaches our students skills to give them the best chance of success in the world of work.

Ours students will receive a CEIAG provision which meets professional standards of practice and which is person-centred, aspirational, impartial and confidential. The programme will raise aspirations, challenge stereotyping and promote equality and diversity.

End points

  • Have the life skills to be able to make informed choices.
  • Develop social skills to be successful at interview and in the world of work.
  • Be able to solve problems in a social or work context.
  • Understand what opportunities are available to them.
  • Be confident in own abilities and set own aspirational targets.

Domains of Knowledge

  • Skills and Qualities for Employability
  • Developing Personal Presentation Skills for the Workplace
  • Preparing for Work Placement
  • Learning from Work Placement
  • Applying for Jobs
  • Produce a CV
  • Encounters
  • Labour Markets

Key Concepts

Key Propositional Knowledge Key Procedural Knowledge

Work Skills Route

Students following the Work Skills Route will work towards an Entry Level 3 BTEC qualification.

The BTEC Work Skills qualifications are a well-recognised suite of qualifications that are used to develop the employability skills.   

Skills and Qualities for Employability

· Learn the skills and qualities needed for different workplace activities.


·  Choose a job that they are interested in and find out the skills and qualities required

·  Students will reflect upon their own skills and qualities

·  consider how well they match to the job they have chosen

·  Plan how to build on the skills and qualities they have and learn new skills

Applying for Jobs

· Gain a good understanding of where to look for potential employment

· Discover the best ways of searching for employment

· Match their skills, interests and abilities

· Complete applications effectively

Curriculum Vitae

· The purpose of a CV

· Types of information that should be included in a CV

· Look at the purpose of references

· Produce a CV relevant to a specific job application
Developing Personal Presentation Skills for the Workplace

· Learn about basic requirements for personal presentation in the workplace

· Know the importance of a good first impression of self to others

Preparation for work placement

· Consider suitable behaviours and attitudes for work

· Consider the skills they aim to achieve during the work placement

· Prepare for a (optional) work placement

· Will find key information about their work placement

· Access support during placement should they require it

· Experience an informal interview with work placement provider prior to their start date.

Learning from Work Placement

· Consider what they have achieved during their work placement



· Reflect upon skills for work they need to develop

· Make plans and set goals for the future.

  Encounters Route

Students following this route will receive specialist support from Schools Advisor, as part of the Jobcentre Plus support for schools’ initiative.

· Students will gain insight into the world of work and advice on options e.g. traineeships &  apprenticeships

· Insights into what potential employers/post 16 providers are looking for

· Focus on gaining the skills and experience they need to get on in life

· Prepare for their futures, so that they are equipped to make the most of it

 Students following this route will receive specialist support from Schools Advisor, as part of the Jobcentre Plus support for schools’ initiative.

· Think about their future career ambitions and make plans to realise them

· Offering advice on the labour market

· Offer students a range of encounters with employers and post 16 providers


Students following this route will work together as a group on practical learning projects, which are designed to boost their confidence, improve self-esteem, attainment, behaviour and attendance. These skills and personal qualities support the young people to achieve more, both at school, and in the future.

Princes Trust – Accredited Units

The Achieve programme supports young people to achieve a range of personal and employability skills and gain qualifications.

Personal and Social Development module

· Develop personal, communication and social skills in a range of situations

· Encouraged to think about their skills


The Life Skills module

· Empower young people, providing them with the tools to handle a range of relevant life situations.


Active Citizenship

· Consider issues in their community and how they can positively influence change in their area.

Personal and Social Development module

· Work as part of a team

· Take ownership of their own development.


Enterprise project

· Generate ideas and business awareness as part of a group project.


Preparation for Work

· Identify their strengths and interests and supports the development of key 'employability skills'.


Post 16 Destinations/transition

· 1:1 guidance interview with a trained Careers Adviser. Guidance interviews are made available whenever significant study or career choices are being made and timed to meet individual needs.

· Unbiased information about potential next steps. Helping students to make informed choices about which courses suit their academic needs and aspirations.

· Opportunity to understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available post 16. As such, access to a wide range of post 16 providers will be arranged (Further Education Colleges, Higher Education, Training providers, Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities).

· Support completing applications to post-16 learning.

· Support with transition to post 16 learning.

 Progression map

Careers Progression Map