Preparation for Adulthood

Preparation for Adulthood Learning Journey

Vision (Intent)

‘overcoming obstacles and building the skills for success’

At Holgate Meadows School, the Preparation for adulthood curriculum will aim to equip all our students with basic day-to-day skills that will help them to become more independent outside of the school environment. It intends to develop a pupil's interest and knowledge to support them in dealing with the long-term demands and challenges of everyday life effectively. 


All our students will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of transferable life and social skills which will support them to become successful individuals, citizens and workers in the 21st century. It will provide opportunities for all students to engage and enjoy new social situations and develop mental resilience to be able to overcome life’s challenges.  


Through our Preparation for Adulthood curriculum, our students will acquire an understanding of independent living, money management, employability, personal care and well-being and the tools and skills to live an independent, productive and meaningful life.  Many pupils who attend the school have specific needs and are vulnerable, perhaps with more complex independent living needs. The Preparation for adulthood sequence of work provides social and vocational skills – improving expression, communication, confidence and self-esteem – and facilitates positive changes in behaviour and well-being. 


End Points (Impact)

  • Students will independently be able to transfer life and social skills learned into the world of work.
  • Students will be able to access the benefits of enrichment activities outside the classroom to prepare them for a fulfilled adult life.
  • Students will leave with meaningful independent living skills and to know how to ask for the support they need.
  • Students will be able to participate in society, including having friends and supportive relationships, and participate in, and contribute to, the local community
  • Students will leave financially literate and able to manage money effectively.
  • Students will leave with a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities to their community and environments. 
  • Students will leave with higher aspirations for employment and further education 


 Domains of Knowledge (Implementation)




·           Environment and safety 

·           Friends, Community and relationships 

·           Health and well being 

·           Independent Living and Self-management

·           Employability 

·           Financial capability 


·         Flexibility and adaptability skills  

·         Initiative and self-direction skills  

·         Social and cross-cultural skills  

·         Productivity and accountability skills;  

·         Leadership and responsibility skills. 

·         Financial literacy skills 

·         Team work



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