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Teaching and Learning


"To develop a culture where learning is at the heart of what we do and is driven by the needs of SEMH pupils.  We aim to instil a passion for learning in all students through high quality teaching and an appropriate SEMH focused curriculum that leads to qualifications, social capital and skills for work and life."


Leadership of Teaching and Learning:

It is the responsibility of all members of the schools’ communities to ensure that learning is valued, respected and prevalent every day.

The School Principals:

Are responsible for ensuring that teaching and learning remains of the highest quality and that the best staff, the best resources, the best training and the best systems all align to drive continuous improvement in the quality of provision.

The Teaching and Learning Lead:

Is responsible for ensuring the vision is followed and aspired to by all staff through the T&L Development Group, and responsible for encouraging teaching staff to aspire to outstanding teaching through challenging themselves and taking risks in their daily practice to provide a better learning experience for pupils.

The Teaching and Learning Development Group:

Are responsible for introducing, instilling, developing and evaluating the most effective, engaging and innovative methods and strategies for SEMH students and for outstanding teaching. The group is responsible for leading by example in their own professional practice. The group is responsible for staff training, coaching and mentoring systems that strive for long-term improvement in the quality of teaching and learning throughout the schools.

The SLT and MLT:

Are responsible for ensuring that the principles of outstanding teaching and learning are adhered to and aligned with a nurturing approach through quality assurance systems including learning walks, work scrutinies, lesson observations, pupil voice and staff voice in line with Performance Management targets as directed by the Teaching and Learning Lead.

Teaching staff:

Are responsible for planning and delivering lessons in line with the schools’ vision that are engaging, challenging and inclusive of all pupils in a nurturing environment. Teachers are responsible for evaluating their own quality of provision, and improving their practice through self-reflection and training.

All teaching in the schools should:

  • Be engaging
  • Be challenging
  • Ensure academic progress
  • Be fully differentiated
  • Support and develop independent learning
  • Provide relevant diagnostic feedback
  • Develop literacy