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Dear Parents/Carers, 

This is an additional bulletin for secondary schools to inform you all of the change in the Drop In Clinic location for those planning to attend on Monday 13th December 2021. Details are provided below.


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1.COVID Vaccination 12- 15 year olds - change of location/time for the Drop In Clinic taking place on Monday 13th December 2021:


The clinic on this date will now take place at the Becton Centre and not Sheffield Children’s Hospital as previously advertised. Details are provided below.


Did your child miss their chance to have their COVID-19 vaccination in school?

Please note if your child has tested positive for COVID-19 they need to wait 12 weeks before they can have a COVID 19 vaccine. (This guidance changed following JVCI recommendation 15th November 2021)


The 0-19 vaccination team have been making visits to schools to offer the COVID 19 vaccine for children age 12 to 15 years old.


Please check with your school if you are unsure whether we have visited already.


We are aware that some young people may have been absent from school when our team visited, and if this is the case they can drop-in to one of our clinics below:


  • Becton Centre Sevenairs Road S20 1NZ – In the East Wing  13th December   5:00- 7:00pm Please note this is a change of venue for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • Sharrow Community Forum, S7 1DB – 15th December 4:30-7:00pm


If you would prefer to make an appointment, or discuss anything with the team please call 01143053230 or email our team on


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