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Link Schools

The majority of our pupils are educated at the main school sites. In addition, we have three Link Schools.

Pupils at our Link Schools can expect:

  • personalised learning programme
  • varied curriculum (Entry Level, Functional skills, GCSEs)
  • experienced staff
  • continued progress monitoring
  • behaviour management strategies
  • nurturing environment
  • good positive relationships with staff and peers
  • one to one support.

The Inclusion team provide a bespoke educational programme for all pupils to be able to:

  • create an ethos of achievement for all pupils within a climate of high expectations
  • value a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements
  • promote success and self-esteem by taking action to remove barriers to learning
  • counter conscious and unconscious discrimination that may prevent individuals, or pupils from any particular groups, from thriving in the school.
  • actively promote understanding and a positive appreciation of the diversity of individuals and groups within a society.

Our pupils benefit from:

  • Attainment: working towards a Prince’s Trust PDE qualification
  • Attendance: increase motivation and improve attendance levels
  • Personal & Social Development: building confidence and teamwork skills
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships
  • Over 20 years experience of working with challenging behaviour.


Derwent Link School

Derwent provides education for those pupils who need an alternative education setting from the main school site.  Derwent has an engaging and varied curriculum which caters for pupils of various abilities and individual needs. These qualifications include GCSE, Entry Level and Functional Skills Math, English, Citizenship and vocational qualifications such as Cooking, Work Skills and Princes Trust.  As well as a focus on academic achievement, pupils are also given the opportunity to develop key personal skills through outdoor learning.


Kinder Link School

At Kinder the days starts with nurture breakfast and mindfulness.  Maths and English are taught from entry level to GCSE, and in addition our varied curriculum involves, BTEC Sport, BTEC Food, Prince's Trust, BTEC Work Skills, GCSE Citizenship and everyday key skills. We focus on the social, emotional and mental health needs of all our pupils. We are currently in the process of putting together a Kinder football team and playing fixtures against other schools. 


Little Don Link School (Education, Determination, Engagement, Nurture)

Qualifications available to study:

  • Maths & English – GCSE and Functional skills (Entry 1,2 & 3 + FS1 & FS2)
  • PSE/Jamie Oliver/Princes Trust
  • Citizenship (GCSE)

Our young people work with a dedicated team of behavioural and educational specialists, building and maintaining positive relationships with staff and peers. We provide a personalised learning programme that meets the needs of the young person. This ranges from examination preparation and coursework, to social skills and self-esteem building, all aimed at creating positive behaviour and attitude towards learning.

The Princes Trust Achieve Programme

On the programme, young people learn vital skills for learning and life, achieve The Prince’s Trust PDE Qualification and explore topics across four engaging and relevant modules:

  • Personal and social development
  • Life skills – Learning through experience
  • Alternative education
  • Preparation for work.