Trust Board

I am the chair of both the Trust Schools’ Trust and the Board of Governors of Heritage Park and Holgate Meadows schools.

My role is to ensure that everyone understands that we believe learning is at the centre of what we do.  I am constantly checking things to find out if children and young people in the two schools have learning and therapeutic support personalised to their needs.

With the rest of the Board of Governors, we hold the Headteacher and his staff to account by checking how children are progressing when they are in school.  The governors are also responsible for making sure that the money the schools have to spend is being used sensibly.  This is often difficult as financial pressures constantly mean than we have to ration the resources we would wish to allocate to our priorities.

We have an aim that both schools will be judged to be outstanding.  They are both judged to be good and are making some progress towards outstanding.

Finally, it is important that more of the children and young people we work with are helped early and close to where they live so that disruption to learning is minimised, therefore, a growing part of what we do is to offer learning in different communities in Sheffield, and to engage parents in the learning with their children.

Pat Toner


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