Please note that while every effort is made to provide up to date and relevant information, all people and job roles maybe subject to change through out the school year, as the needs of the school and the pupils change. The information below will be accurate at the beginning of each school year.

​Welcome to Holgate Meadows Staff

The Leadership Team

Mr M Taylor,  Interim Executive Headteacher

Mrs L Hocking, Safeguarding Lead and School Social Worker

Mr Crispin Barton, School Principal

Mr Chris Fogg, Business Manager

Mrs C Barton, Assistant Head

Mrs K Cardwell, Assistant Head


Mrs A Allen

Ms B Whitaker

Mr A Bird

Mr N Dexter

Mr J Dixon

Mr S Hall

Mr J Jones

Mrs H Brewer

Ms C Lynch

Mrs F Palfreyman

Mr W Phillips

Miss T Shannon

Mr C Turton

Miss R Hurst

Mr R Holland

Mr T Fuller

Behaviour Team

Mr G Smith

Mrs L Ashton

Teaching And Learning Assistants

Mr M Bent

Mr S Bramhall

Miss C Brown

Mis G Stubbs 

Miss G Keane

Mr D Nelis

Miss J Tynan

Ms V Wright

Ms N Worth

Ms L Ashton

Mr R Smart

Miss C Eccles

Mr C Benjamin

Mr T Christon

Ms C Neall

Mr N Owen

Ms A Wilson

Mr J Tomlinson

Inclusion Team

Mr C Coy

Mr A Campsil

Mrs S Middleton

Ms D Naylor

Mr A Allen

Mrs G Brown

Ms J Anderson

Ms A Twidale-Smith

Ms A Warbuton



School Counsellor

Mr David Spence-Madden

Ms Angela Burrows

Safeguarding Deputy

Mr S Robinson

Transport Manager

Mr G Laycock

School Support Team

Office and admin

Mrs J Cooper

Mrs A Machin

Mrs C Nixon

Mrs L Omaison

Mrs K Touhey

Mr W D'Roza


Catering And Kitchen Team

Mrs A Christian

Mrs Sue Wills

Ms Laura Naylor

Buildings Officer

Mr N Brearley

School Cleaners

Ms L Caudwell

Ms B Hewitt

Mrs J Woodward


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