Maths is essential to the progress and development of our students at Holgate Meadows and as a staff team we strive to embed maths across all subjects to ensure all our students feel confident with, enjoy and succeed in this core subject.

Within the maths department we aim to equip students with the relevant skills needed to succeed not only in maths lessons, but with routine activities outside of school. Subject content is often taught within the context of a situation students can relate to enabling them to see when and where this may be relevant at a later date.

The curriculum is made up of 4 strands;

  • number
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • measure and data handling.

Students cover different aspects of each strand every half term. The content of the curriculum is taught and built upon year on year to embed and develop understanding.

Lower School

Students with us from KS1 and KS2 follow a programme of study called Maths Makes Sense which covers all four strands of maths. This is a scheme of work which ensures consistency throughout the school and encourages students to learn through the use of concrete objects, actions and a common vocabulary to develop fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills. By using focussed topics of work we are able to highlight areas of development for students and produce target work to address these areas.

Students complete an assessment specific to their current stage at the end of every half term to allow us to track progress and set new targets. The work carried out in lower school continues when students move to upper as the maths department will use the information and data already collected to ensure the progress that has already been made is continued.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum for students in years 8 and 9 covers all four strands of maths broken down into much smaller sub strands. Each week a different topic is covered to enable them to have a good overview of the curriculum and allow us to revisit these topics. As a department we believe KS3 students work better when they are given information little and often, so by completing one topic a week it ensures students don't find lessons too repetitive and they have the opportunity to recap the topics learnt more frequently throughout the year. KS3 students are set in ability classes to ensure individual needs are being addressed and classes are generally timetabled to five maths lessons a week. This may differ depending on students' school programme.

Students complete two assessments specific to their current stage every half term to allow us to track progress and set new targets. One of the assessments is completed part way through the half term to give us a quick insight into their progress and address any issues immediately. The second assessment is completed at the end of every half term and used to track detailed progress effectively and set targets for the new half term.

Key Stage 4

Students in KS4 are currently following two different programmes of study due to upcoming changes across the subject. Students in year 10 are following the new programme of study in preparation for the change in exam structure and new grading system. They will complete the OCR linear specification GCSE exam in summer 2017 and are currently covering the exam content highlighted in the exam specification. The exam curriculum covers all four strands of maths and as a department we have developed a scheme of work that breaks down each topic into five sessions to be covered in a week. This enables students to revisit topics throughout the year and develop skills in a focussed manner.

Year 10 students will be following the same assessment timetable as students in KS3 allowing us to highlight and address specific difficulties before applying these to practice exam papers in year 11.

Students in year 11 are currently working towards completing their GCSE in summer 2016 with Edexcel exam board, the linear specification. Their scheme of work has been developed to revisit and expand on topics and areas already covered to embed the knowledge and prepare them for applying their skills to exam style questions.

The assessment criteria for year 11 is that they will complete past exam papers throughout the year to prepare them for this style of questioning and highlight areas for development both within the content and their personal individual needs.

All KS4 students will complete an OCR entry level maths paper which will be submitted at the end of the school year ensuring all students leave with at least one accredited maths qualification.

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