Humanities is taught throughout the upper school.

In KS3 the students study at entry level using the AQA examination board. Classes U1-U4 will focus on 4 units; the Western Front, the Cuban crisis, Germany 1918-1945 and the Suffragettes.  The two year course consists of course work compiled by the student which is assessed and moderated, both internally and externally.

In KS4, the students in Q1-Q4 will study towards a GCSE course in Humanities with the AQA examination board.  Assessment will be by examination at the end of year 11.  The course structure contains 3 units of learning.

  • Unit 1 – the Humanities core, where students study both parts. Core 1 – Culture and beliefs, and Core 2 – Environmental issues.
  • Unit 2 – the Humanities options, where candidates study any two of the following; Conflict and Cooperation, Prejudice and Persecution, Global Inequality, Family and Socialisation and People and Work.
  • Unit 3 – humanities investigation, which consists of an assignment based on the subject content for units 1-2.

Humanities is taught with the aid of presentations, hand-outs, maps, documents, video clips. Case studies and a variety of artefacts and visual stimuli.

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