In the Art department at Holgate Meadows, we thrive on creativity.

Over the past few years the topics and delivery has progressed and developed, along with the pupils.

We have achieved success (including a grade A) at GCSE and continue to enter pupils for GCSE Art and Design Full Course, Short Course and more recently, Photography.  At GCSE level we use AQA as the exam board and guidance, offering pupils the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills including, but certainly not limited to; pencil/drawing work, water colour painting, pastel work, marbling, 3D sculpture, Photography/digital editing, animation and much more.  The course has, and will continue to include work with external artists, whether it is people coming in to deliver workshops, or taking pupils out to visit exhibitions or work with others.

As important as the skills that are focused on, are the projects and topics the pupils work on. As part of the current GCSE Art and Design course, and as part of their Portfolio of Work, pupils will study 'Portraits', in which they will look at the work of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Dave McKean, Roy Lichtenstein and many others, taking inspiration from these and developing their own portraits in these styles.  Other GCSE projects that pupils have, and will work on include 'Cartoons', 'Character', 'Surrealism', 'Food' and others that have either been set out by AQA, myself or through discussions with the pupils, in which they have come up with the ideas themselves and developed them with me.

This year we will be entering around 15 pupils on either GCSE Art and Design or GCSE Photography.  From this year onwards, all Year 9 pupils will begin the GCSE Art and Design Full Course, with an aim to be entered by the end of Year 10.  This will then give pupils the opportunity to either re-enter the year after, having built upon and improved their work during Year 11, or to focus their Year 11 on GCSE Photography, giving them the chance to obtain at 2 creative GCSEs.

In the build up to GCSEs, pupils in Year 8 will undertake a range of projects tailored to their interests,  including 'Superhero Design', 'Gothic Horror', 'Retro Games' alongside others, and various skills/artist themed workshops looking at the work of contemporary and traditional artists such as Jon Burgerman, Salvador Dali, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and many others.

Whilst skills will be developed and assisted through the use of teacher guided lessons and demonstrations, the main focus in Art at Holgate Meadows is to give the pupils the opportunity to express themselves, broaden their thinking skills and open them up to as wide a range of cultures, styles and artwork as possible.

Nathan Barlow

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