About Holgate Meadows Foundation School

The Schools Values and Ethos

Holgate Meadows Foundation School opened in 2005 and is not typical of BESD schools.

The ethos of the school is strong and relentless; 'learning is the work'.

The ethos defines our key aims and drives our key actions.

The ethos of the school has 3 key aims: 'learning success', 'safe and supported pupils' and 'positive experience'

We summarise our approach to learning by the acronym TENSILE.

We are absolutely focused on the needs of our learners; these needs shape the provision and intervention requirements of the learning environment and challenge us as a staff team to find innovative and creative solutions to overcome barriers to learning. The staff are a learning community; provision and outcomes are reviewed daily to guarantee progress and quality assurance. The ethos of the school reflects the needs of the pupils and their rights to achieve and progress in all aspects of their life. Holgate Meadows is committed to individualised learning driven by a culture of success. We have an absolute commitment to our duty of care and a purposeful, team-led approach.

The staff team exhibit leadership at all levels. Our ethos is most obviously experienced through our 3 key actions: 'to challenge standards and deliver progress', 'talk and I will listen' and to 'celebrate success'. These actions permeate our daily practice; they deliver our beliefs and drive forward our aims.

School Structure

We have an approach to learning which is focussed on gaining key skills – reading, writing and number – and accreditation – exams and qualifications. We personalise the learning of all pupils so they access

Opportunities and experiences at their level: - a stage not age approach. Pupils have their progress regularly reviewed so their learning is best suited to their ability, behaviour and emotional development.

The school is organised into 5 teams:

  • lower school
  • upper school
  • pupil support
  • inclusion
  • school support

The Lower School

Is led by Mr Rob Jones and Ms Carmel Lynch, providing a Primary style model of learning. Classes are small and pupils work with a smaller number of staff. Pupils from Lower School also have some lessons in the specialised classrooms of the Upper School.

The Upper School

Is led by Mrs Julie Kirk and provides more specialised teaching and learning opportunities up to and including qualifications. We offer GCSE, Functional Skills and Entry Level qualifications in a range of subjects including English and Maths, and vocational qualifications

The Pupil Support Team

The Pupil Support Team maintains our continual focus on pupils' learning and listening. The team are available to offer help to pupils at all times and are also available to support parents. The team includes a Counsellor, a Family Support Worker, a Safeguarding Liaison Officer and is led by Ms Alison Tipper, Safeguarding Leader.

The Inclusion Team

Is led by Mrs Alex Fowler and provides learning for pupils off the school site. As well as 1 to 1 tuition we are also able to offer provision based at a local church – St Bernards. Pupils' programmes, placements and vocational learning is also organised through the Inclusion Team

The Support Team

Is led by Mrs Beverley Beedham and provides all the office, admin, premises and catering functions involved with the running of the school.

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