Holgate Meadows is a Social Emotional and Mental Health specialist school. The school is absolutely inclusive and will meet the needs of pupils presenting with a range of SEND and challenging behaviours. 

Holgate Meadows

We offer personalised learning places for pupils in Key Stages 1 to 4. Places can be full-time, part-time, short term, dual registration or assessment places.

We have a high staffing ratio to support pupils with their individual social, emotional and learning needs.

Pupils are supported in an environment most suited to their needs which may be 1:1 or in small classes and our staff team are trained and experienced in a range of learning and therapeutic strategies. 

Holgate offers provision on separate satellite sites close to the school. St Bernard’s, The Meadows and the Millan centre have specialised staff supporting the nurture, disengagement and social vulnerability needs of pupils.

Glow 1 and Glow 2 are Holgate’s nurture provision for primary and secondary aged pupils and have a deserved reputation for excellence. The school has an extensive Inclusion team who work off-site and in other settings offering the same skills and approach to learning and support that are available on the school sites and to also encourage access to them.

The school offers additional support to pupils through our Counsellor, Children’s Behavioural Phycologist and Art Therapy.

Our school’s Safeguarding lead is a social worker who works in partnership with outside agencies to ensure support for all aspects of our pupils’ lives. The school uses the national curriculum as a foundation for all learning. Pupils access our specialist subject teaching facilities and are challenged to achieve qualifications in all taught subjects, including GCSEs. Our curriculum offer includes English, Maths, Science, Information Technology, Religious Education, Humanities, Geography, Design Technology, Food Technology, Physical Education, Art, Photography, Personal Social & Health Education, Princes’ Trust awards and Achieve.

The school also offers a wide range of additional learning experiences for our pupils including educational visits for both learning and enrichment outcomes, forest schools, regular residential trips, vocational placements, our therapy dog and our chickens. Holgate Meadows and Heritage Park are close partners and pupils placed at one site are able to access the facilities of the other. 

Call: 0114 279 6850 Email: enquiries@heritagepark.sheffield.sch.uk
Call: 0114 245 6305 Email: enquiries@holgatemcs.sheffield.sch.uk