​PHSE at Heritage Park

General Information

At Heritage Park School we aim to fulfil our statutory responsibility to support our pupils Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Mental and Physical and development. Our overall aim being to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life now and in the future.

PHSE covers a wide range of subject areas based on The National Curriculum guidelines with elements of 'The Flower Project'  a scheme of work developed by Healthy Schools in conjunction with the NHS and Sheffield City Council  and most recently incorporating the PHSE's Association's programme of study.

Teaching methods include group work, teacher led discussions, role-play, special guest speakers, use of online resources and opportunities for practical demonstrations.

PHSE is taught by a specialist teacher who is supported by the class teaching assistant.  Pupils are taught in a cross curricular manner. For example certain areas link with other subjects such as Food Technology, Science and ICT.

Through the excellent teaching of PHSE pupils also have many opportunities to build on confidence, inter and intra personal skills and we also recognise the importance of 'The 5R's Lifelong learning' campaign.




KS3 and KS4

The secondary topics covered are taught according to the needs of specific groups of pupils in that generally speaking KS4 build on areas taught in KS3.

  • Drugs Education
  • Sex and Relationship Education
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Healthy Wellbeing
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Personal safety
  • Diversity, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • Making informed career choices
  • Economic Wellbeing

Whole school approach

We believe that PHSE should not be taught in isolation but that it is important to work closely with other relevant subjects in order to consistently reinforce the important key concepts.

Since September we aim to develop a whole school approach which involves a termly focus on a key health issue. This new approach involves the use of peer supporters and outside agencies working with members of staff. This year we will be promoting 'Smokefree' schools  in collaboration with 'Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield' we will also be promoting positive sexual health and finally in the last term helping pupils understand mental health issues.



KS3 pupils working towards AQA entry Level 3

KS4 pupils working towards QCF Award or Certificate in Personal and Social Education Level 1 or 2

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