The Primary Curriculum at Heritage Park

At Heritage Park the Key Stage 2 pupils are taught following the Primary Curriculum, as set out by the Government.

Click on the link to find out more details about the Programmes of Study for Key Stages 1 and 2 as published in September 2013:

English and Maths

Pupils are taught English and Maths at a pace and level which suits their individual needs. Pupils are grouped according to their stage for Maths and are taught in their form groups for English. (Click here to read more about English and here to read more about the Maths scheme used in Key Stage 2.)

Other curriculum subjects.

The other curriculum subjects are taught on a 4 year rolling program, which is topic based. Each half term there is focus on one of three key subjects; Science, History or Geography and each key subject has topics within them:


  • Myself and Others – Skeletons/Muscles/Bones.
  • Light and Dark – Shadows.
  • Toys – Friction/Magnets.
  • Our Bodies – Digestion/ Teeth.
  • Habitats- Animal Classification/ Environments.
  • Plants- life cycle of plants/pollination.
  • Space-Earth, Moon, Planets/Day into night/ Seasons.


  • Egyptians- the achievements they made.
  • World War 2- Battle of Britain a significant turning point in British History.
  • Stone Age to Iron age- early farming/Hill Forts/ Travel/ Religion.
  • Vikings and Anglo Saxons- Invasions/settlements.
  • Romans- Roman army and invasion/British resistance/the remaining impact on Britain.
  • Medieval castles- link to Local location Eg Manor/ Bolsover Castle.
  • Ancient Greece- Greek life/Greek achievements/influence on western world.


All topics include map skills, globes, atlas and filed work where possible.

  • Weather and Seasons- Climate changers.
  • Seaside- Coastal Erosion.
  • Forests- comparing different types of forests around the world/the impact of de forestation.
  • Countries of the World- population/culture similarities and differences.
  • Local Area- compare cities to countryside living, jobs, leisure activities .
  • Oceans and seas- Rivers, Water Cycle.

Additional curriculum activities.

  • Out and About- each class goes on a 3 week cycle.
  • Swimming – each class receives approximately 6 weeks of lessons per year. Non swimmers are given extra time in summer 2 term .
  • Music is taught by our specialist Music teacher once a week to each class.
  • Also once a week peripatetic music teachers gives keyboard and guitar lessons to pairs or individual children
  • RE Days- These take place half termly and focus on a religious event taking place within the half term. We also ensure that all main religious faiths are covered.
  • Sports Day- this takes place in the summer term.
  • Various after school clubs take place weekly on half term rota. These are allocated to those who returns forms first.
  • Concerts- We have music and drama concerts around significant events throughout the school year.

Reward Trips.

All pupils are monitored for their behaviour, using PRR (Pupil Recognition and Reward). A traffic light system is used for all parts of the school day and, at the end of the day, a pupil is given a colour for the day as a whole. Reward trips are given at the end of a half term, for which pupils are chosen according to the number of green days they have achieved.

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