Computing and ICT at Heritage Park

General Information

At Heritage Park a dedicated ICT/Computing suite is used to teach Computing Science at Key Stage 3 and ICT at Key Stage 4. Teaching methods involve collaborative work, independent research, practical investigations, exploration of concepts and teacher led discussions. Students are supported where required but are encouraged to be independent learners, good team workers, and problem solvers. There is an expectation that students support each other in their learning. 

Computing is taught with the use of exciting technologies such as blue bots, Lego Mindstorms, Knex and iPads. This allows students to develop their knowledge of computer programming and a hands on approach engages students with the subject.

Where feasible the software used is free, and programs such as Sketchup, Logo, Scratch and Kodu are downloadable by students at home to use in their own time.

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Key Stage 3

Pupils start by learning how to use a computer and internet search techniques. They are then introduced to the concepts of computing including the design of, use and evaluation of computational abstractions that model the state and behaviour of real-world problems and physical systems.

Topics include; using the internet, publishing to the web, combining systems, computer networks and mobile app development


Pupils are assessed at the end of each unit and levelled according to their stage based on the level of their ability to work independently and their grasp of the topics covered.

Key Stage 4

Pupils work towards a Functional Skills qualification in ICT in Key Stage 4 where they learn real world computing skills to improve their employability and progression to further education.

OCR Functional Skills ICT

This specification develops general ICT skills and research techniques. The course is taught through the use of tasks of increasing difficulty, each building on the prior learning of the previous task. Each task requires the submission of evidence based on the format required for the exam.

Students are entered for the Entry Level qualification best suited to their ability and, it is hoped that some or all will progress to the Level 2 qualification by the end of Y11.

The course at all levels is gained through passing an assessment task sat under exam conditions. The Entry Level assessment lasts one hour while the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications are two hours. The assessments can be taken at several times during the academic year.

The school is also looking at offering a further qualification in Computing and ICT for gifted and talented students.

Further information about the course and the specification can be found at:

Entry Level

Level 1

Level 2


Pupils are assessed at the end of each task and given feedback, verbally and written, on which they have to act to ensure the work is at a standard that would pass the exam.

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