​Drama at Heritage Park

The Expressive Arts Department cater for Music and Drama across the school. Our aims are;

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils at Heritage Park.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils express themselves through the arts.
  • To encourage our pupils to participate in the arts in order to enhance their self-esteem and social skills.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to perform in front of their peers and families.

The Drama department is committed to providing an outlet for our pupils. Taking part in Drama is a fantastic way for our pupils to escape the realism of life and explore a more therapeutic approach to life. We try and teach pupils about different emotions and help develop empathy. Drama is also a great tool in which to develop literacy skills. Not only does it incorporate reading and using our imaginations quickly, but by speaking through and talking, decoding thoughts on to paper becomes much easier. We try and link Drama lessons to English topics and current affairs where we can in order to get the benefit out of this.

We have no shame in looking silly and encourage our pupils to look silly too. In lessons, we teach basic performance and theatre skills, but also try and remove our pupils from 'the norm' as much as possible. If they look at us like we are bonkers, we are doing something right! We are also fully aware of the much needed social education that we can provide for our pupils and have a great focus on speaking and listening, and speech and language development, and how we can impact these through games and role play.

We aim to produce two performances a year; most notably, the annual pantomime. We are very lucky at Heritage Park to have such a supportive staff team. Even though our pupils may suffer from self-esteem issues, they feel encouraged by the willingness of staff to perform and look daft in front of others.


Like Music, we formally assess progress half termly, but are continuously observing for progression. We use our self-designed APP grid which follow the assertive mentoring system. This allows us to give each pupil a stage at which they are working on and outline targets in order to aid progression. Year 10 and 11 pupils can opt to do Drama as part of their Arts Award.


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