Heritage Park Foundation School

Welcome to our web-site and its introduction to Heritage Park School and our team.

The ethos of the school is strong and relentless; there is a  key belief: 'learning is the work'.

We are absolutely focused on the needs of our learners; these needs drive us to personalise and shape our learning provision. We are a vibrant school where learning happens in many ways and we provide many ways to learn.

Heritage Park is committed to individualised learning driven by a culture of recognising success. We have an absolute commitment to our duty of care and a purposeful, team-led approach.

The ethos of the school drives our 3 key aims: 'learning success''safe and supported pupils' and 'positive experience'.

The team and I all look forward to working with you

Tony Middleton
Executive Head

Call: 0114 279 6850 Email: enquiries@heritagepark.sheffield.sch.uk
Call: 0114 245 6305 Email: enquiries@holgatemcs.sheffield.sch.uk